Jennifer K. Adams, PhD


Currently I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Biology Department at the University of Waterloo.


As an environmental scientist, my research aims to identify and assess the effect of anthropogenic and natural stressors on freshwater ecosystems. My research combines aquatic ecology and paleolimnology to determine the extent of disturbance, and better understand ecological responses to stressors. My research focuses on environmental change in freshwater systems of Arctic, subarctic, and temperate regions.


I'll be starting a new post-doctoral research associate position in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo this September! I am joining Prof. Roland Hall's group, co-leading a project in the Peace Athabasca Delta, Northern Alberta investigating the long-term variability of two major drivers in shallow lake-wetland systems, climate and hydrology


Microplastics in Canadian aquatic ecosystems

Ecological response of primary producers in Lake Gusinoye, Siberia to long-term multiple stressors